263 VP Joins 3721

Former 263 sales and marketing vice president Tian Zhen officially took up that same role at 3721, reported Donews Tuesday. Tian will be responsible for 3721 sales, marketing, channels, service, and products. Tian comes to 3721 with the challenge of building 3721Â?s sales up to 200 million Yuan this year, after the company raised follow-on capital last year from IDG and Jafco. Tian joined 263, ChinaÂ?s largest independent ISP at the end of 1999; and quickly became 263 groupÂ?s VP, sales and marketing. 263 has approximately 12 percent of the China ISP market, second only to China Telecom. In Beijing 263 has 40% market share. 3721 has developed its own email system based on its core Â?Real NamesÂ? technology and Tian will be expected to drive the new service.